Amazing intro meeting for professional, expat women in Denmark

What an incredible afternoon at Deloitte. A highly engaged, well diversified group of over 70 professional, expat women in Denmark, got to know each other, and were together to learn about the new network group in Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder.

A huge thanks to Camilla Kruse and Jennifer Waibel to support the network and for hosting the event at Deloitte, to Andrea Martin for sharing her experiences with networks around the world, and finally to Vibeke Hartkorn, Ingvill Solbø Christiansen and Hanna Danielsson for taking the time to share their thoughts about the network.

In Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder we help each other to activate our full potentials and reach our goals, while we work for better solutions for the benefit of both men and women, companies and society as a whole.

Based on the many participants, the engagement rate and high spirits, we will definitely launch an amazing new group to bring professional, expat women in Denmark together!

Membership of Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder includes a.o.:

  • 6 network meeting a year facilitated by Eva Riedel
  • Mentorship program facilitated by KMP+ House of Mentoring
  • 5-6 yearly workshops and large events
  • Speed-dating events with the Danish part of the network
  • Online community on, Facebook and Linkedin.

Democratic price
The network is also a movement, where our engagement and mutual commitment is our most valued currency. To be able to attract and retain engaged members, the normal price is at a democratic level kr. 8,125.

We are very happy to offer the first year as a member of the Expat group for an introduction price of kr. 6,875,- All activities in the network are included, and no additional fees apply.

Next steps
Please follow this link to register before 31 January 2019, and remember to note whether you want to join the new expat group, or if you speak and understand Danish and want to join an existing Danish group.

First network meeting
We plan to meet for the first time at Deloitte end February 2019. More detailed information and agenda will follow after your registration.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any questions. Call me at  20 94 44 12 or send me an email, I am here to help and clarify.

I cannot wait to get started!

All my best,
Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder

Eva Riedel