A new network for professional, expat women

A fantastic network for women who wants to activate their full potential and career is in the making for professional expat women.

Established in 2015, Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder is today a success with over 220 female leaders from all branches. Now is the time to welcome expat women in the group of professional women. Do you want to join us? 
Deloitte is an important strategic partner in our work for more women in leadership.

Committed to helping women activate their professional potential and reach their goals, Deloitte already supports the Expat network for Deloitte employees successfully started by Jennifer Waibel. In addition, Deloitte supports Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder as a strategic partner, and we are very happy to announce that Camilla Kruse, National Talent Leader and Partner at Deloitte, will be able to join us and kick-off the event.

Andrea Martin is a bilingual C-level global President of world class international operations with an impressive track record of standalone P&L. Andrea has been a member of many types of Women Associations around the world. She believes strongly that women can work together to break the mold by encouraging each other to achieve big things. And that women like Andrea, who broken down barriers of entry, should help pull other women with us in their ascent.

Do you miss a network, where women help each other aim high?
In Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder we are empowering each other to reach our individual career goals, and we work actively to find new solutions for gender equality imbalances to the benefit of both genders. We work together and systematically to overcome the unconscious bias that seems to hold women back in their work life. The network was launched back in 2015 by Eva Riedel, who after a long career in finance today run the Mandag Morgen Businesskvinde community.  The media house Mandag Morgen is fully committed to our agenda, and we work with facts and develop new strategies and solutions to the benefit of both sexes.

Join us and learn how we can aim high together
Please spend a little time with us, and let’s talk about how we envision including expat women in the larger group of professional women.

3:30 pm Welcome. Camilla Kruse, National Talent Leader, Partner at Deloitte
3:45 pm Why do we need a professional network for expat women in Denmark? Jennifer Waibel, Manager & Head of Department, Deloitte and American expat in Denmark.
4:00 pm Why we all will benefit. Andrea Martin, Canadian expat in Denmark
4:15 pm Purpose, direction and organisation of Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder. Eva Riedel, founder and leader of Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder.
4:40 pm Q&A session
5:00 pm Recap and yes: Networking

Deloitte most generously hosts our event. Please sign up to participate here.

Best regards,
Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder